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IMO for PC Download – IMO App Download for Windows 8,9,10 : As the time is passing by every now and then something new is emerging with the help of technology. It is with the help of this technology that the communication methods in our life have become so simple. IMO for PC is the best app to communicate ! There are various applications which are evolving with time and are making sure that people do not loose contact with their loved ones. Along with many chatting as well as socializing apps a very new application seems to trend within the people. It is known as the IMO App. This app not only make sure that one can chat easily through it but it helps in making the video calling experience as one of the most memorable one.

IMO for iphone

It is special in many possible ways and has a set of extraordinary features in it.

After Whatsapp, the world has seen another great messaging application and that is IMO. There are a number of considerable reasons why IMO has now gained popularity even more than Whatsapp. There was a time when smartphone owners surely had the application Whatsapp on their device, now the same thing is for the IMO app also. If you are still not aware of this application, then you must be wandering about what makes it as popular as Whatsapp. Then to get an answer you need to have a look at its amazing features.

Features of IMO app:

  • Background: this particular app is very much acceptable in the android as well as the non-android backgrounds. It is compatible with all of the modern devices and thus makes our life easy.
  • Exceptional video calling services: this particular app comes with the feature of the video calling which can be easily called one of the best. With this video calling service and in the worst camera circumstances also people do have the opportunity of getting through with a clear picture at least.
  • Usability: using this app is extremely easy and simple and there is no possible weird specification about it. All the options are present on the screen and people will have no hard time in understanding which one is for what use. It gets connected extremely easily and the communication usually goes smooth.
  • Network services: it is designed to work in any possible network may that be 2G, 3G or 4G services. It is designed so that the people can remain connected to each other.

Detailed Features of IMO for PC

Smaller in size

Everyone wishes to get an application that does not consume much space on their device and also that can perform really well. IMO is a solution for such need. This is a small sized application of about 4 MB. Thus it takes lesser space in the device and also takes lesser time to get installed. But the best part is that with such small size also the application manages to offer a list of features that makes you feel complete.

Sending text, images, videos and audios

Similar to the messaging application Whatsapp, IMO also allows you to send messages in the form of text, audios, images and videos. You can either select a file from your gallery or can directly click an image using the IMO camera or can record a video using the IMO video recorder to send them instantly. Apart from sending smiles along with your messages, you can also send stickers of various themes to show your expressions. You can download various stickers from the sticker store of the application and can use it for messaging purpose.

Calling features

One of the main reasons why IMO is becoming famous is due to its calling features. You can have both audio as well as video calling feature in it. If you have a webcam installed on your computer, you can easily get connected to people sitting away from you through the video calling feature of the application IMO for PC.

imo for pc

IMO For PC Download And Installation On Windows PC:

The IMO Downloading process is not at all difficult. There are few steps though, that one needs to follow and they will definitely get through successfully with the IMO for Windows:

Step 1: the very first step is to download the BlueStacks App Player on the windows PC. Before that people should be sure to have at least a space of 2 GB available on their hard disk.

Step 2: Installation of the same follows.

Step 3: After the BlueStack App Player is successfully downloaded, now one can definitely open it.

Step 4: Now one can search for the IMO clicking on the search button. They will be re directed to the Google Play Store after one gets the IMO messenger then they should install it too.

Step 5: Once they have successfully installed the app on their Bluestacks App Player, they should immediately go to the Bluestacks Page of All Apps. There they can find the IMO App successfully downloaded and installed.

Step 6: then one can double click on the App to open it. Then they can type their phone number in the place asking for it and then follow the procedure as is followed in any Chatting app.

This particular process of installing the IMO app in the Windows is really very efficient. It is true and if followed perfectly will give the exact results. Make sure to install IMO on PC safely and in case if you under go any problems do let us know in the comment section below, we’re here to help. 


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